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Stefan Smith

Sound Designer

Stefan studied music at Mills college in Oakland, California, where he worked with musical luminaries such as Fred Frith, Maggi Payne, Pauline Oliveros and Roscoe Mitchell. After graduating he was employed as an assistant to the legendary synthesiser designer Don Buchla.

Stefan makes his music with synthesisers and drum machines and works as a sound designer and composer for films and installations. He worked for eight years on the infamous Dau Project and has an ongoing collaboration with sound designer Nicholas Becker. Recent work with artist Marco Brambilla includes The Four Temperaments and Heavens Gate that exhibited at the Perez Art Museum in Miami.

Additional film credits include Bebia, à mon seul desir,  Rotterdam International Film Festival 2021, and sound design and composition for The Deathless Woman, 2019. His electronic music production is through Sapiens records with his second album released in 2022.

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