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Muqata’a is a Palestinian electronic musician and considered a driving force behind the current hip hop scene in Palestine. His avant-garde music is created from sampled material, field recordings and electronic devices. Working with pre 1948 Arab records, he has developed an experimental hip-hop in which the glitch in his productions becomes a powerful means of resisting oppressive narratives. As he told The Guardian newspaper, “When your heritage is being attacked by the state, you have to find ways of being remembered.” He and his family are refugees from Safed which is near Fadia's village, Sa'sa'.

Muqata'a has been heralded for influencing a new generation of Palestinian musicians. He co-founded the music collective Ramallah Underground (2002-2009), has composed scores for several film scores as well as for dance performances, collaborated with the Kronos Quartet and released a number of albums, his latest being Kamil Manqus (2021). He is based between Ramallah and Berlin.

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